President's Message

April, 2022

Greetings to all District Board 37 members.

We've all faced major challenges during these past two years, including battling a pandemic that left us not knowing where we may be from one day to the next. Many have lost loved ones, jobs and homes. However, through all these atrocities, the Brooklyn Board has stood its ground and held firmly to our traditional commitment to groom an unmatched body of highly skilled basketball officials. This is due - not only to the efforts of the Executive Board - but also the general membership.

Fortunately, our New York state-of-mind is again gaining momentum, and I believe we are embarking on a new era for our organization; an era that I hope will be exciting and rewarding. And as I accept a new leadership role, I am hopeful about a future that encompasses growth and prosperity.

This cannot be accomplished without your loyalty, hard work and support which make us who we are. I thank you all and want to encourage your continued 
concerted efforts to this end.

As your newly elected President, I look forward to building on this record of success. I will do everything within my power to keep Board 37 moving in an upwardly mobile and positive direction.

I know the Brooklyn Board will continue to be the leading first-class organization of the International Association of Approved Basketball Officials.

Anthony J. Connor, President
IAABO District Board #37