Board Dues


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1099 Tax Form - FAQ's

Question: I never received my 1099 Tax Form

Review to see if any apply to you.
•  A 1099 form is only generated for earning of $600.00 and above.
•  The 1099 is mailed to the address on file.
•  If you have moved and the 1099 was returned to the DOE, it will not be reissued until the address has been updated by the Comptroller’s Office. To change your mailing address, the following two forms must be submitted. Forms are to be scanned and emailed to              
•  W9 form
•  Change of Address Form

To request a copy of the 1099 form.         
Email the 1099 Unit at with this information. They will contact you directly.
1.  Full name
2.  Address on file
3.  Last 4 digits of your social security number
4.  Telephone number where you may be reached
Register for the Payee Information Portal ( PIP) through the NYC Department of Finance and you may access the 1099 form through their system. For any questions or assistance, please contact FISA Help Center at (212) 857-1777 or email at      
1. For detailed instructions on the PIP registration, click here for the Payee Vendor Account Activation Guide.


Question: I lost my 1099 Tax Form or the 1099 Information is Incorrect

Officials will need to contact the 1099 Department via phone, email  or fax.  They may be reached at: Tel. (718) 935-2930 or email
When you contact the 1099 Department, you will need to provide your full name, date of birth, social security number or TIN, address, contact  telephone number and the issue you need assistance with.


The Annual Board DUES Are $125 and are payable in February

Click here to pay


Mail Payments to:
“The Brooklyn Board”
Kenneth Jordan, Secretary-Treasurer
1401 Ocean Avenue – Suite 16-H
Brooklyn, New York 11230-3997


2023-2024 Board Dues

• 2023-24 Inactive Official - $85.00 (+$3 Handling)
• 2023-24 Active Official - $125 (+$4 Handling)

Late Fee Incurred:
• June 15 - July 15 - $150 (+$5 Handling)
• After July 15 - $175 (+$6 Handling)